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Our Journey

Two visionary leaders, Krishnamurthy and Subramani, dared to defy conventions and embarked on a journey that would transform lives.

They ventured into real estate, but they were not just selling sites; they were creating a brand that embodied trust and understanding. Together, they have handled over 3600 successful plot sales, providing litigation-free plots at realistic prices.

From our humble beginnings (Sri Tirumala Projects), we have grown into K SQUARE - marking the beginning of a new era.

With a robust land bank and vast experience, we stand ready to scale new heights. Our dreams and ambitions remain boundless, fueled by the passion to empower individuals and families to own their dream homes.


To provide litigation-free plots at realistic prices, embodying trust and understanding. We are dedicated to delivering value and creating cherished homes for families, forging lasting human connections with our clients.



To be among the top 5 real estate brands in Karnataka by developing land in prime locations, empowering customers through homeownership, and making a positive impact on communities.


Professional Team

Mr. N Subramani

Managing Director & Founder

Mr. Subramani

In the year 1966, a young visionary named Mr. Subramani embarked on a journey that would define his legacy. With determination in his heart and a dream in his eyes, he began his career, with just eight employees by his side, laying the foundation for Cauvery Engineering Industries.In 1988, Mr. Subramani took a bold leap into the real estate industry, creating many successful projects and selling more than 3,000 plots. His journey is an inspiring testament to the power of determination and belief.

Mr. H Krishnamurthy

Managing Director & Founder

Mr. Krishnamurthy

Hailing from a humble farmer's family and having experienced the challenges of limited education, Mr. Krishnamurthy's ascent in the professional world was nothing short of extraordinary. In 1996, with years of hard-earned savings and a vision to create a better future, Mr. Krishnamurthy entered the real estate industry with unwavering faith in his abilities. His dedication, commitment, and relentless pursuit of excellence have led to the successful sale of more than 1,000 plots.

Mr. Sunil C S

CEO, Founder & Director of Smart City

Mr. Sunil

Mr. Sunil is the quintessential all-rounder. From strategic planning and financial acumen to construction expertise and customer relations, he has mastered every aspect of the real estate domain. Under his leadership, we've embraced cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and design excellence. He envisions a future where real estate is not just built but transformed into living experiences. His customer-centric approach ensures that every K Square project is a testament to quality and satisfaction.

Mr. Kiran Kumar S


Mr. Kiran

Meet Mr. Kiran, the dynamic Managing Director of K Square, a name synonymous with excellence in the real estate industry. With a wealth of experience, Mr. Kiran leads our team by employing cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to provide you with the best options, thereby revolutionizing the residential real estate landscape like never before.

Mr. Sathish Kumar. S


Mr. Sathish Kumar. S

Carrying forward the legacy of excellence established by our founders, Mr. Sathish Kumar. S, the son of one of our founders, is poised to lead us into a new era of growth and innovation. With extensive experience in design and engineering, project management, construction, and real estate development, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. His strong commitment to a customer-centric approach, transparency, and integrity ensures that we will continue to uphold our core values while driving our vision forward.

About Our Strategic Partner - Smart City

Smart City, founded by real estate stalwart Mr. Sunil C S, is a dynamic force in the industry. With over 2 decades of experience, Mr. Sunil C S has collaborated with various brands, driving revolutionary changes and achieving impressive sales. Under his mentorship, Smart City sets ambitious targets and aspires to elevate upcoming brands with innovative, result-oriented strategies.

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